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Cash For Grass Rebates
Get up to $2,000 cash back for lawn grass replacement

Our situation with water in the West and Southwest is critical. Every property owner needs to step up and change some or all of their landscape to minimize water use and use what is applied more effectively. Low water landscapes can be amazingly beautiful works of art or just highly functional and attractive. We are here to help you with;
Materials budget
Contractor bids
and Cash For Grass Water Savings Rebates

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Get up to $2,000 cash back for lawn grass replacement

Can I convert either my front lawn or backyard lawn?


Do I have to remove all of the turf in my yard?

No, but any turf remaining cannot be included as part of the rebate.

Are trees required or allowed in my converted landscape?

The Program requires at least one tree in the landscape conversion. If you have an existing tree that will remain after the conversion, a new tree is not required.

What type of mulch is part of the rebate?

Mulch is required on all exposed soil surfaces. Mulch includes organic material, rock and decomposed granite. Rubber bark is also allowed. Decomposed granite and rubber bark must be limited to 25 percent or less of the surface area converted.

Can I receive a rebate for installing decks, patios, and other structures?

Decks, impermeable patios and other structures may be installed as part of the project but must be excluded from the rebate footage. Paving stones and brick patios with permeable grouting are allowed, and the footage represented with this type of patio may be included in the rebated footage.

Are plants required in my conversion area?

The program requires that at minimum 25% of the converted area include low-water-use, drought-tolerant or California native plants.

Is there an approved plant list I can use to plan my conversion project?

The rebated portion of the converted landscapes requires plants, and may only include low-water-use, drought-tolerant or California native plants. The Water Use Classification of Landscape Species list (http://ucanr.edu/sites/WUCOLS) may be used as a resource guide. Turf-looking grass may be incorporated if they are being used as plants with ample space between each plant. Turf-looking grass may not be used as an alternative lawn or in such a way that the plants are planted so close to each other that they resemble lawn. Consult your local plant nursery or the DWR turf website at www.water.ca.gov/turf/LandScapingmaps for additional guidance.

Is the rebate available for irrigation replacement?

The rebate is based on the square footage of turf replaced. Irrigation replacement alone (not associated with turf removal) is not eligible for this rebate program. Irrigation changes and upgrades must be done when the landscape conversion occurs for rebate eligibility. To receive the rebate, all watering in the converted area must be done using drip irrigation, micro-spray irrigation or hand watering.

What type of irrigation system do I need to use?

The Program requires drip irrigation, micro-spray irrigation, or hand watering.

Are raised beds or vegetable gardens eligible if turf is removed?

Yes, food-producing trees, shrubs, vines and perennial plants are allowed in place of turf.

Do I need to use any specific method of turf removal?

This program does not specify the method of turf removal. You may complete your project yourself or hire a contractor or landscaper to complete the project for you. They may use any method necessary to completely remove the turf and convert the project area per the Program specifications.

What happens if I reserve the wrong amount of funding?

Rebates are based on the measured area submitted when an application is made. It is important that you accurately measure the area requested as we cannot increase your area measurement after the application is approved.

Is Synthetic Turf Allowed?

Synthetic turf is not allowed in the rebated portion of the converted landscape.

Get up to $2,000 cash back for lawn grass replacement